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Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program at Yangebup Primary School endeavours to engage, challenge, inspire and empower students through individual and collaborative learning experiences in Making and Responding


In Making, students use a variety of art practices and traditions of other times, places, cultures and contexts to investigate the visual elements of art (space, texture, form, shape, colour, line, value), as well as the qualities and properties of different materials.  Students explore both traditional and experimental approaches to drawing, painting, print-making, collage, sculpture, textiles and ceramics and learn to work safely with various tools and materials. 


In Responding, students learn to appreciate their own work and the work of others using visual arts terminology to reflect on purpose and meaning.

Through Visual Arts learning, students at Yangebup Primary can:

  • Use their imagination to explore the world and their place in it

  • Connect socially, emotionally and physically with their learning

  • Develop critical thinking and self-expression

  • Learn in an interactive way with a focus on process

  • Take ownership of their learning through creativity

  • Engage and transfer learning to other areas

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