History of Yangebup Primary

Yangebup Primary School is located in the heart of the Beeliar Wet Lands.  This unique location ensures that all students have 1st hand and practical knowledge of their environment and the fragility of such eco-systems. This means that sustainability is incorporated into the curriculum and also that we are, from time to time, visited by unique wetlands birds.

The School began operations in 1982. Yangebup Primary School initially operated out of some very old, disused buildings on the Jandakot site. The school moved to our current location in 1983 and was formally opened in 1984 by the then Minister for Education, The Hon. R.J. Pearce.  Since that time Yangebup has undergone many changes.  Like most Metropolitan schools, Yangebup has had fluctuating populations of students. In past decades the school had a much larger population and as a result, with our current population of about 280, we are in the enviable position of being able to have double sized rooms for all age groups.

Curriculum Focus - Literacy

Yangebup Primary school offers a high level of literacy education. The use of literacy blocks in all classrooms combined with whole school programs for spelling and guided reading ensure the best evidence based teaching. Enjoyment of good literature is nurtured within our classrooms and our Book week celebrations is a favourite event of the year.


Curriculum Focus - Numeracy

Yangebup Primary School takes a whole school approach to numeracy. Each class has a daily Numeracy Block for the specific teaching of numeracy concepts. Junior classes use a lot of hands on materials whilst the upper grades are streamed into groups to target students specific learning needs. Ten A Day is a whole school event that occurs daily at the beginning of each day. It is a quick mental activity students complete that addresses many of the Mathematical objectives


Our Heritage
In recognition of the past History of Yangebup Primary School our Graduate students wear the original school logo on their shirts. Formal School Reports also come with the traditional school logo.

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